Due to rheumatism caused by my psoriasis I have movement issues. The pain which is caused makes sitting, standing up and sometimes even walking quite hard. I booked a Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment program and it helped me by removing the pain, relaxed my muscles and reduced swelling. I am really happy with the results.

Daniel, Ireland

Most important fact for me is that Naftalan therapy is natural, it is a natural therapeutic agent and it does not cause skin irritation and is not cancerogenic.

Malthe, Denmark

I love coming to Naftalan for treatment for many reasons. They have educated dermatologists who have years of experience in treating psoriasis and psoriasis related conditions and they have comprehensive treatment programs and they approach each patient individually. When I stay in Naftalan they even prepare for me a special dietary program according to my requirements.

Leonardo, Argentina

I have severe symptoms of psoriasis all over my body, so I tried Naftalan therapy. I can’t describe the relief I experienced after the therapy… most symptoms have withdrawn and now each flare I have I treat only with Naftalan products.

Elena, France

My son is 14 and has psoriasis covering most of his body. I take him for 21-day psoriasis treatment program every 6 months and the results are incredible. The treatment removes most symptoms of psoriasis on his skin and in combination with Naftalan cosmetic products we get the best result for him.

Peter, Germany

I have been suffering from scalp psoriasis for years and I’ve tried almost every shampoo available on the market. I have issues with constant flaking and itching. Since I started using the Naftalan shampoo I don’t have any more problems with wearing black clothes and my itch is gone.

Julie, United States

For years I have been looking for skin relief products which don’t include steroids. I was truly happy when I found Naftalan cream which helps me with skin itches and is a great relief product, helps me tremendously with stress which my psoriasis is causing me.

Wayne, UK

I have been coming to Naftalan for 9 years to treat my psoriasis. I use the comprehensive treatment method, including Naftalan products, lamp treatment, medical gymnastics and a customized diet plan. I get all that at Naftalan. After each visit, there is a long-term remission of my illness, which has a positive effect on my health and appearance.

Pjotr, Russia

I have been coming to Naftalan for 15 years in a row. Therapies are like a healing balm for my skin and joints. Thanks to Naftalan and years of their therapy, my psoriasis gradually lost its power, it was retreating, and even when the symptoms reappeared, they were smaller-scale. Every year I can hardly wait to visit Naftalan and every time, I feel like I came home to my closest friends.

Irena, Slovenia

I came to Naftalan because of my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Since Naftalan is a natural healing oil, I give it precedence overmedications. All therapies that Naftalan’s doctor prescribed me were very good and effective. I was particularly impressed with the
naphthalan bath. I gladly recommend it to everyone.

Liv-Elen, Norway