1. When did you hear about SB Naftalan? Was it recommended to you?„A former pastor named Ćorić told me about Naftalan. The rest I’ve found on the internet. Although, the first time I have heard of it happened to be seven or eight years ago.“2. Have you been treated in SB Naftalan before or is this your first time?„Yes,I have been treated here before. This is my second stay at SB Naftalan”



3. Overall, are you satisfied with your stay and treatments in SB Naftalan?

„Concerning the stay I am very satisfied, just as with the treatments and therapies. The food is great. The surrounding area is beautiful and clean. Everything is great.“

4. Are you satisfied with the staff in SB Naftalan?

„Extremely. The staff is very professional. From the cleaning staff all the way to the nurses and doctors themselves. I’d like to point out how simple and flexible the treatments are thanks to the dermatologists.“

5. In your opinion, what would you say are the main advantages of being treated in SB Naftalan?

„The main advantages of Naftalan are the approachability of the staff and the simplicity of Naphtalanotherapy. The staff is great, qualified and incredibly flexible. The therapies are effective and seriously help in the treatment of patients.“

6. Would you recommend SB Naftalan to anyone?

„I’d recommend it to anyone with the same or similar medical conditions.“

7. What treatments and therapies are you receiving in SB Naftalan?

„I have been taking kinesiotherapy, naphtalanotherapy, phototherapy, thermal water treatments and massages. I feel that those are exactly the therapies I need in my treatment.“

8. You’ve spent two weeks being treated in SB Naftalan. Have you noticed any changes or improvements compared to the beginning of your treatment?

„Correct, I’ve been here for two weeks. The changes are immediately apparent. I’ve noticed that I am a lot more mobile than before, while my pain is minimal. My mobility has overall vastly improved. I feel calmer and rested. I have also noticed the positive effects of Naphtalanotherapy on my skin.“

9. Do you plan on returning to SB Naftalan?”

„Not only do I want to come again, I’d already like to book a stay for the next twenty five years. Of course I plan to return.“