1. When and where you did hear about SB Naftalan?

„My mom found it on the Internet. In June 2019.“



  1. Have you been treated in SB Naftalan or you are here first time?

„This is my first time at Naftalan and also my first time in Croatia.“



  1. Are you satisfied with accommodation and treatments in SB Naftalan?

„Yes, I am very satisfied.“



  1. Are you satisfied with staff in SB Naftalan?

„Yes. All of the staff have been so nice to me and they are also very skilled and professional.“



  1. In your opinion, what are the main advantages of SB Naftalan?

„All of  your kindness and respect, that you have shown me. The staff also listen to you and if necessary they will change the therapy a little, for maximum effect.”


  1. Would you recommend SB Naftalan to others people?

„YES!!! I already did!“



  1. Which therapies/treatments you are using in SB Naftalan?

„Massage, water massage, physiotherapy, laser, hot wrappings, magnettherapy and two types of electrotherapy.



  1. Now, you are two weeks in SB Naftalan. Do you seen improvement compared to before?

„Yes, it has completely changed my life. I am now 100%  pain free!!!“



  1. Will you come again in SB Naftalan?

„If I need  to do therapy again, I will come back, but of course, I hope to stay pain free.“