Naftalan Cream Pack

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Naftalan products for psoriasis affected skin

Naftalan – Unique natural mineral oil which helps psoriasis affected skin. It is dermatologically and clinically tested with proven positive effects in topical therapy of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Naftalan products:

  • Renew psoriasis affected skin
  • Stop itching, redness and pain caused by psoriasis
  • Repair psoriasis skin scales
  • Keep the skin hydrated





Naftalan Cream Pack includes: 3x Naftalan Cream + free express delivery

Naftalan Cream– used by patients with mild and moderate psoriasis.

  • Hydrating psoriasis cream for dry, cracked, tense psoriasis skin.
  • Stops itching, repairs skin structure, regenerates skin cells and helps with skin hydration
  • Rich in Naftalan oil minerals, cream is excellent for skin problems.
  • This unique psoriasis cream helps maintain smooth, soft, skin.

+ Free Express delivery


Naftalan Cream for Psoriasis Relief:

Naftalan Cream can be applied anywhere on the skin. Apply a thin layer to your skin. It will create a safeguard barrier on your skin and keep the skin hydrated

We recommend that Naftalan products are used for 20 days minimum for best effect.

For a stronger effect we recommend:

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