Terms of use and Privacy Policy

1. Basic concepts
Within the meaning of these General Terms, the Buyer is a natural or legal person ordering or paying the service of delivering products from the Seller – company:

OIB/ID: 13237183584
Omladinska 23/a, Ivanić Grad

by means of the website www.psoriasistreatments.net (Psoriasis Treatments).
In case in data about the Buyer entered are data about a legal person, then the Buyer is considered to be a legal person, and the natural person whose data are entered is considered to be the Buyer’s authorized person.
The Buyer is considered to be the person ordering and paying the product and the Receiver is considered to be the person to whom the product is delivered, and which differs from the person of the Buyer.

2. Personal data and business capacity
By accepting these General Terms, the Buyer states that all provided data concerning the Buyer are true and complete, that he/she has business capacity, that he/she is an authorized user of the credit card and that, according to his/her knowledge, there are no hindrances related to ordering and buying Ivalan Terme products, i.e. for buying by means of the web shop.
In accordance with the Statement on privacy and data protection, Ivalan Terme collects solely basic data required for the fulfilment of obligations.

3. Purchase in the web shop
By selecting an individual product, next to the same displayed are details about it – product name, short description, price, quantity.
By selecting an individual product, the same is inserted in menu “Cart”.
Prices displayed on sites next to individual products are valid for all payment methods.
The product inserted in the “Cart” is bought by clicking the key “Proceed to checkout”.
By pressing the key “Proceed to checkout” you are accessing the order form in which you are obliged to enter your personal data. In case the personal data of the Buyer differ from the personal data of the Receiver, you are obliged, by choosing the quoted option, to indicate exactly the data of the Receiver as well.
The delivery price is not included in the product price and is shown separately.
VAT is included in the product price.
Country of origin of the product: Croatia, EU.
If the product purchased is subject to customs charges and or any other import charges by the customs office of the country of delivery as specified by the Buyer, all such costs shall be borne completely by the Buyer. In case the Buyer rejects or is not able to cover the import customs costs and the product is returned for that reason to the Seller, cost of product delivery back to the Seller is reimbursed from the payment made for the product.

4. Collection of payments/Authorization
All payments shall be performed either in EUR (Euro) or USD (US Dollars).
In case of payments with a credit card the costs of in-payment and/or interbank transactions by the Buyer’s bank are not included in the price.

5. The right to terminate the Contract and return an order
The Buyer has the right to cancel and return the order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification and only in case the item received has not been used. For items used by the Buyer (opened products), Seller can not reimburse them due to hygiene reasons. Buyer is required to send the unused goods back within 14 days of informing the trader. Buyer is required to pay all costs of transportation and any cost related to the return of the item to the Seller.
In case the ordered item was delivered faulty or did not look or work as advertised the Buyer has a right for a refund or replacement of the ordered item by the Seller.

When returning the item, Buyer is required to provide also the Model withdrawal form:
• To [here the trader’s name, geographical address and, where available, his fax number and e-mail address are to be inserted by the trader]:
• I/We (1) hereby give notice that I/We (1) withdraw from my/our (1) contract of sale of the following goods (1)/for the provision of the following service (1),
• Ordered on (1)/received on (1),
• Name of consumer(s),
• Address of consumer(s),
• Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper),
• Date

The Model withdrawal form needs to be sent to the Seller by email to the following email address: shop@psoriasistreatments.net, not later than 14 days from delivery of the product to the Buyer.
Reimbursement of the cost of the product shall be made by the Seller to the Buyer within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request and receiving the item back.

6. Product information
Product information in Psoriasis Treatments web shop are drafted based on Ivalan Terme data base.
The products’ photos are for illustration purposes only and they must not always and in all details correspond with products which are the subject of the order. Psoriasis Treatments especially emphasizes that the visual identity of products shown on the photo must not correspond with the products appearance in reality, especially taking into consideration the monitor settings on the Buyer’s electronic device, differences in perceptions of colors as the Buyer sees them on the screen and the like.
In case of the above quoted non-conformity of the product shown on the photo and the delivered product, this is not considered to be a product shortcoming.

7. Product shortcomings
Psoriasis Treatments is not liable towards the Buyer respectively the Receiver for minor scratches on products which occurred as a consequence of shipment of goods by means of delivery service in case the scratches or minor shortcomings do not influence the basic characteristics and the usability of the product.

8. Other conditions
Psoriasis Treatments has the right to unilaterally change these Sales conditions without prior notice. Psoriasis Treatments shall deliver all purchased products in accordance with conditions valid at the moment of concluding the contract.

9. Application of Sales conditions
By using the services of web shop Psoriasis Treatments you accept these Sales conditions. If you do not agree with the Conditions, do not use this website and do not order products by means of the same.
This website contains information about Ivalan Terme products and it serves as an electronic point of sale – web shop.
Psoriasis Treatments is not liable for possible damage which occurred by using this website and by using information from this website for purposes outside the scope of their foreseen purpose.

10. Copyright
Psoriasis Treatments is the copyright holder on the content and formats of this website.
The overall content from this website cannot be used without the approval of Psoriasis Treatments nor assigned to third persons.

11. Payment methods and security
All payments are made online and are requirement for items to be delivered.

Payments are possible through 2 options:
1. PayPal
2. WSPay payment gateway which is secure payment gateway using latest data protection algorithms to ensure privacy of users’ personal information as well as credit card information. WSPay supports the following credit cards: AMEX, DINERS, JCB, DISCOVER, Mastercard, Visa and Maestro.

12. Order methods
Products are ordered by selection, using the menu and filling in the electronic form.
Payment of ordered products can be performed by using PayPal or WSPay secure payment gateway.
Once the payment has been made in full, i.e. when Psoriasis Treatments receives the confirmation of preauthorization of the Buyer’s credit card for the order, products shall be sent for delivery to the Buyer. If the ordered product is not available in the warehouse, Psoriasis Treatment shall inform the Buyer that the product is currently not available and shall inform the Buyer about the period within which the product will be procurable.
Upon successfully completing the order, Buyer shall receive a confirmation email. Psoriasis Treatments shall deliver the ordered product, depending on whether the same is available in the warehouse, in the shortest possible time.

13. Confidentiality of data
Psoriasis Treatments respects the privacy of visitors of our website and shall collect solely personal data such as name, address, phone number or e-mail address of our users when the same submit us the above date voluntarily. We shall use these data in order to respond to individual requests for information and we shall rely on these data in order to better understand the users’ needs and with the goal of upgrading our products and services. In this respect we can use this information in order to contact the users. We shall not sell nor use these data nor transfer these data to a third person without the consent of the user. Every change in the privacy policy of Psoriasis Treatments shall be published on this website.
The personal data sent by the patient during the inquiry for rehabilitation is shared by Psoriasis Treatments and the Naftalan Special Hospital.
The personal data sent by the buyer for the purchase of the product is shared by Psoriasis Treatments, Ivalan Terme and the logistics partner.

14. Facebook conversion pixels
We use the “Custom Audience pixel” of Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”) on our website. With its help, we can keep track of what users do after they see or click on a Facebook advertisement. This enables us to monitor the effectiveness of Facebook ads for purposes of statistics and market research. Data collected in this way is anonymous to us, which means we cannot see the personal data of individual users. However, this data is saved and processed by Facebook. Facebook can connect this data with your Facebook account and use it for its own advertising purposes, in accordance with Facebook’s Data Policy which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/. You can allow Facebook and its partners to place ads on and outside of Facebook. A cookie can also be saved on your device for these purposes.
Please click here if you would like to withdraw your consent https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=ads#_=_

17. Delivery and complaints
Orders are delivered in the shortest possible time depending on the availability of the desired item.
Buyer has the option to use DHL Express delivery services which will take items to be delivered with 2-3 working days (working days are considered Monday to Friday) and for some countries there is the option of using Standard delivery which takes 5-10 working days and is provided by Overseas Express. All costs of delivery are made public to every Buyer when making orders. All orders which have value of minimum 45 EUR (50 USD) all eligible for DHL Express delivery.

18. Final provisions
By accepting these Sales conditions the Buyer consents to their provisions and accepts that they are an integral part of the contract.
In case you have any comments, critics or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We shall answer your inquiry as soon as possible.