Naftalan treatment – daily baths in naftalan tubs. A patient spends 12 minutes in a naftalan tub every day Monday to Saturday. After every treatment, naftalan is sterilized and used to fill a tub for another patient. The bathing technology is up-to-date, and sanitary conditions are on a high level.

Naftalan treatment has best results on:
– Psoriasis
– Neurodermitis
– Inflammatory rheumatic diseases


Naphthalan can be applied as follows:
General application of the naphthalan therapy through:
– naphthalan baths in the bath tub and
– applying naphthalan to the entire body

Naphthalan therapy is conducted by applying a rare therapeutic type of naphthenic oil – naphthalan in modern medicine, for treating certain skin and rheumatic diseases.


Since 1989, Special Hospital Naftalan in Croatia successfully treats patients with healing naftalan oil and thermal saltwater which makes the Hospital a global healthcare phenomenon.
This mineral oil is a natural health factor, on basis of which our experts developed naftalan therapy, proven effective in treating psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that gravely affects the quality of life of the patients suffering from it.


It is also a good ally in treating damage to musculoskeletal system with the help of naftalan baths and compressions
Naphthalan, the natural mineral oil, is a natural therapeutic agent. It does not cause skin irritation and is not cancerogenic.
Besides its mechanical and thermal effect, naphthalan also has a significant bioactive effect on the body.
Naphthalan’s anti-inflammatory effect works on patients with skin and rheumatic diseases.

Smearing with naftalan – used with every psoriasis patient in the evenings, or used instead of baths if there is a contraindication for bathing . Applying naphthalan onto skin under a PVC foil as occlusive dressing is often done at night to treat the affected areas.

Each treatment is customized to meet the requirements and condition of the patient
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